Double StudyBed


  • Standard Double 4 ft 6 in mattress size (137 cm x 190 cm)
  • Large Desk area (60 cm x 190 cm)
  • Choice of finishes, including real wood veneer, white and bespoke painted
  • Height:             172 cm
  • Width:              207 cm
  • Depth as bed:    153 cm
  • Depth as desk:   111 cm

The Large Double StudyBed offers a full-size double bed (190 cm x 138 cm, 6 ft 3 in x 4 ft 6 in) plus a large work area (190 cm x 60 cm) yet occupies a very compact footprint whilst in desk form. The top rail also provides a very useful wide and deep (43 cm) shelf surface. There is a huge amount of room to attach pin-boards, pictures, posters, video screens etc to both the desk and bed backs.

As with all StudyBeds it is very light in operation and can be converted easily in seconds by just about anyone. It allows items up to 48 cm to remain on the desk when converted. A Top Box (48 cm high) can be added to optimise space, likewise a mobile under-desk cabinet.

Please note that prices exclude mattresses (which you can swap from an existing bed or purchase from us seperately) and delivery/installation charges which start at £192.

Size Modifications

All StudyBeds are designed to accommodate standard Imperial sized mattresses, but we do also offer a service whereby the beds can be supplied in either longer or shorter lengths.

The shorter length requires a 6ft long mattress (which we can supply) and this reduces the width of the whole bed from 207 cm down to 199 cm. We can also supply them with a 6ft 6in (2 metre) mattress which then increases the width of the whole unit to 217 cm.

The extra cost for this is £120. Non-standard mattress sizes are available at our normal prices if required. Matching length Top Boxes can also be supplied at standard cost.


Our standard finish is Light Oak, which really shows off the top quality grain to best advantage; it is timeless, beautiful and easy to match.


We are also able to paint or stain the wood veneer in any colour or colour combination you require; this may be plain white for example, or a mixture of white and another colour, or any stained shade from pale to dark;  you choose, we can achieve any colour from any paint chart, or even match your sample.

The cost for this is just an additional 15%.

Painting the wood veneer leaves the grain pleasingly visible with a slightly textured feel; alternatively, if you would prefer a plain flatter finish, we can achieve this by painting non-veneered mdf.