The Future of Affordable Student Housing?

Finding the right accommodation is so important for University students – it can have a profound effect on both their success at University and their mental health and wellbeing. Moving away from home is tough and the wrong choice of accommodation can make it even more difficult.

There are so many things that influence the choices that students make – university managed versus private accommodation, location and availability of an ensuite to name but a few. However, for many undergraduates their choice is simply limited by budget.

Student demand is polarising. Some are seeking premium accommodation in ensuite flats with perhaps a great view as standard, whilst others, more cash strapped, are looking for the bare minimum.

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The rapid growth of purpose-built student accommodation in university cities in recent years hasn’t helped the situation. Although the overall provision of student housing available has increased, these high-end developments are primarily aimed at wealthier students and there is still a shortfall in more affordable accommodation.

The issue has been highlighted recently by protests in Durham over increased accommodation fees, complaints about HMOs in Brighton and an estimated shortfall of 11,500 beds in London.

Perhaps a new approach to student accommodation is needed?

Space-Saving for Students

Micro-homes are defined as homes smaller than 37m2. In many cities, where space is at a premium, they are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more affordable option for buyers who’d otherwise be priced out of the market. These compact homes are designed to cleverly utilize every square foot available and innovative space-saving solutions, such as dual-purpose furniture, are used to maximize the living space without compromising on the quality or functionality of the space.

Could these same principles be applied to student accommodation?

If each student required less space to live and work comfortably more students could occupy the same square footage meaning that fees could be reduced without decreasing the overall rental revenue generated from a development. Whether its smaller studio flats or simply smaller bedrooms in a cluster flat or halls of residence, saving space could really be a ‘win-win’ for both hard up students and developers alike!

Half the Room… Double the Space

One way to save space is with the use of StudyBeds. A StudyBed is an innovative dual-purpose piece of furniture that combines a huge desk and a normal bed all within the same compact footprint. It easily converts from a desk to a bed in just 3 seconds – there is no need to remove anything from the desk or the bed.

As a StudyBed combines the two vital components of a student bedroom – somewhere comfortable to sleep and somewhere practical to work – in the same floor space the overall dimensions of the room can be reduced with little impact on the desirability or functionality of the room. Combined with matching top box storage and under desk units a StudyBed really makes the most of the often-under-utilized vertical space.

Available in a range of sizes with matching furniture and a bespoke finishing service too – StudyBeds are just as at home in a luxury studio flat as they are in a hall of residence. The same principles apply – a double bed that folds neatly away against the wall to reveal a large desk helps to create a compact but truly multi-functional space.

Clever space-saving design and dual-purpose furniture really is the future for student accommodation – providing enough affordable rooms needs innovative ideas that make the most of every inch of space without affecting the comfort or wellbeing of the next generation of students.

Could StudyBeds be part of your accommodation solution?

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