Charles Kenny

I’ve lusted after a StudyBed ever since I first saw one demonstrated at the Ideal Homes Show some five or six years ago. My opportunity to purchase one came with the smallest bedroom in the house being turned into an office. I visited the Thame office/showroom and was helped by Sharle. She quickly established that the largest model available was not suitable for me , and I chose with her help the large double. I also took the top box and the under desk cabinet. We then had several telephone conversations to ensure that the bed was suitable for the room. The two Kevins efficiently and quickly installed the bed and clearly explained its workings.

I have worked on it every day since. The additional storage space is tremendous. My first guest slept in it for 9 hours and said that she hadn’t had such a comfortable rest for a long time.

This is a terrific product, which I thoroughly recommend.

Sharle – thanks very much for all your help.


Charles, Ealing (December 2013)