Clare Salters

Dear Ben and the Studybed Team,

From the outset, we have
been delighted with our Studybed and matching wardrobes/under-desk

In desk mode, it is by
far the best desk we have ever had – you can comfortably have two people
working at it simultaneously or one very very spread out.  Even without
the bed facility, that in itself is a strong plus.  The cable holes work
well and the whole effect is perfectly streamlined.

In bed mode it is an
excellent spare bed – and we’ve used it ourselves on a long term basis while
our bedroom was being replastered recently.  It feels very secure and
comfortable and is SO easy to convert.  Our son loves to demonstrate
the ‘magic bed’ to visitors.

The wardrobes are
fabulous – I particularly like the way that the shelves are reversible so that
you can get cables down the back without having to carve special holes for
them.  We have all our printer and computer peripherals in the wardrobe,
further enhancing the streamlined effect of the desk and being able to cable
through the hole in the back has been excellent.  It is wonderful to have
so much storage, so well designed and so elegant.

We very much appreciated
the care that your team took – at the point of ordering, in fine-tuning the
design, and in fitting – to ensure that we had a product that worked perfectly
in the available space.  Their attention to detail, tidiness and
thoughtfulness were of the highest order.

We will definitely be
back to buy another Studybed if and when our son ever shows signs of doing
homework without constant supervision and nagging!

Thank you all very much
indeed, and happy new year.

Clare (Jan 2013)