I am delighted to have found The StudyBed Company whilst trying to resolve the best way to transform my ‘box room’ into a useable space.  With a growing family and a son away at university I had set about trying to best use the space to both accommodate my increasing need to work from home and maintaining a bedroom for my son for his trips home.  I had looked at conventional fold up beds and desks but this innovative product has surpassed my expectations.  After an internet ‘leap of faith’ I am delighted at the service I have received from both the office staff and importantly Ron and Kevin who delivered, built and demonstrated the unit.  We also bought a matching wardrobe and topbox to finish the room.  We have great delight in demonstrating the transformation from bedroom to office to anyone who cares to indulge!!
Thank you for both an excellent service and product.

G.  Jones (Plymouth) Apr 2012