I am delighted with my large double StudyBed, with top box, 2 large wardrobes, and under-desk cabinet. All painted exactly as asked, and looking good.

My studio flat is transformed beyond the possibilities of any other furniture. I now have lots of storage space, a large solid desk to work on, and a very comfortable bed.

I had a sofa-bed previously, the StudyBed is much easier to use, no need to store pillows, sheets, and duvets away in daytime, and as it’s a “proper” bed with a deep memory foam mattress, I get a good night’s sleep. Lots of gains with no losses. I’ve had the StudyBed a couple of months now, which has proved totally reliable.

Everybody at the showroom, and the installers are friendly, and easy to talk to. I would gladly recommend StudyBed to anyone.

P Murphy  (Sep 2012)