StudyBeds are being used increasingly in Universities and Boarding Schools throughout the UK

We have a proven and successful track record in many University Halls of Residence, including Portsmouth, Nottingham Trent, Edinburgh, LSE, Falmouth, Leicester, Brighton and Imperial College London.  And several boarding schools such as Bath Academy, Monkton Combe,  Farlington School and Holyport Academy

However, as we prefer the product to speak for itself we offer a

FREE TRIAL service

We will deliver and assemble a StudyBed in the size of your choice and leave it with you for appraisal by both students and staff, and return to remove it once you have finished your thorough evaluation.

Please call or email to arrange.

Please look at our Case Studies to see examples of just how effective the deployment of StudyBeds can be.



Take a medium size room, and install 2 StudyBeds; not only have you immediately doubled your bed space availability but you can decrease the individual student room fee, whilst increasing the overall room revenue, and the layout creates more clearly defined personal space for the students.


For further info, call Ben Berry on 01844 214484

or email