Portsmouth University

Portsmouth University were one of the first Universities to make use of StudyBeds as part of their ‘void strategy’ and achieved this through the use of twinning medium sized rooms; these proved very popular with International students who were keen to share but at a lower room rate

26 StudyBeds were installed in September 2009 and they have performed faultlessly ever since

Sheila Daly, Head of Residential Services says, “You get flexibility and quality combined. When we considered the cost of each room void, the investment was clearly worthwhile”

Nottingham Trent University

Hampden Hall, the high quality Halls of Residence for Nottingham Trent University recently underwent a major overhaul to provide even better accommodation for its students. The Halls consist of individual community units, each with 6 separate bedroom/study areas which are inevitably, somewhat spatially challenged. This picture may look like a mirror image, but actually shows how effective the use of StudyBeds can be in 2 very small rooms. The transformation created by use of a StudyBed has been amazing and provides the lucky students with a really comfortable bed, and absolutely HUGE desk space.

Falmouth University

With an urgent need to rapidly create more bed spaces to suit the ever growing demand of this highly desirable establishment, Falmouth discovered the quick and easy and cost-effective solution by installing 96 StudyBeds on a twinning basis in the Summer of 2014, into rooms which had previously been used for sole occupancy; this strategy not only resolved their bed space shortfall issue, but allowed for increased revenues from the same space whilst giving students the opportunity to rent their rooms for less, a real WIN – WIN scenario

Such was the success of this installation and popularity with the students, that a further 117 StudyBeds were ordered and installed in Summer 2015, and this programme has continued to be rolled out, with another 416 StudyBeds installed in time for the fresh 2016 intake


Oliver Lane, Accommodation Services Manager had this to say, “StudyBeds were an obvious solution to our increased demand for accommodation, allowing us to offer an innovative and attractive shared room option to our students.  The StudyBed team offered a high level of professionalism and customer service during the project, starting on their first visit to site when we discussed bespoke design, through to the completion of the installation program. The feedback we have received from students using the StudyBeds, and prospective students visiting campus, has been very positive.”


Exeter Library Lofts

A very high end conversion by Burrington Estates ( and now in the Empiric portfolio) of the old library in Castle St.  25 4ft small double StudyBeds were installed in September 2015, just in time for the lucky incoming students.


In 2015 LSE ordered 42 StudyBeds as part of their ongoing refurbishment programme, and these have proved particularly useful in doubling up as extra sleeping facilities for Summer lets. We were able to supply these in a finish to match their existing colour themes. The success of this product has resulted in an order for a further 54 StudyBeds to be installed during 2016.

University of Leicester

In their fabulous Halls of Residence, some overlooking the Botanical Gardens, we have just installed 15 StudyBeds, some to provide instant extra bed spaces in twinned rooms, others to make more challenging single rooms become instantly more spacious.

University of Brighton

An initial trial of 8 StudyBeds installed in 2016 has received very positive feedback so far.

Lancaster Uni

A trial purchase of 4 StudyBeds for twinning purposes has so far received great feedback.

Oxford Brookes

Again, 4 StudyBeds installed on a trial, demonstrating how effective they are in maximising student work and sleep space




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