Top Box Option


  • Width: 207 cm
  • Height: 60 cm (48cm on Double)
  • Depth: 35 cm (43cm on Double)

This an optional extra for the Single,  4ft Small Double and 4ft 6″ Large Double StudyBeds,  and comes with adjustable shelving, and soft-closing doors.

Although it may be possible to obtain one of these at a later stage, it is advisable to purchase it at the outset to ensure best matching of the finish; it measures 35cm deep by 60cm high on the Single and 4ft, and 43cm deep by 48cm high on the 4ft 6″ StudyBed; so please bear in mind when sizing up your room, that the total height with the Single StudyBed will be 200cm and the 4ft and 4ft 6″, 220cm.



These will of course be finished to match your StudyBed; if you are having a two – tone finish, then we would suggest maybe having the back panels and door knobs in the contrasting finish, but the choice is yours.


Our standard finish is Light Oak, which really shows off the top quality grain to best advantage; it is timeless, beautiful and easy to match


We are also able to paint or stain the wood veneer in any colour or colour combination you require; this may be plain white for example, or a mixture of white and another colour, or any stained shade from pale to dark;  you choose, we can achieve any colour from any paint chart, or even match your sample.

The cost for this is just an additional 15 %

Painting the wood veneer leaves the grain pleasingly visible with a slightly textured feel; alternatively, if you would prefer a plain flatter finish, we can achieve this by painting non-veneered mdf.

Other Wood Finishes

Ash is available at an additional 15% 


We are currently developing technical specification documents for the StudyBed range of products. Please come back soon

Tech Spec