de Souza

…I am delighted

I have been looking for a good size guest bed for visiting family. I have also been looking for a study table for my son who is outgrowing the small nook in the wall he has been managing with so far. Both needed to fit into a very compact room and indeed I never came upon a decent solution. For three years we dragged furniture around to rejig the room as a study or a guest room as required. With the StudyBed, (I cannot believe I did not find it earlier) I can see the room becoming a comfortable guest and study area!! It is a sturdy, solid piece of furniture that DOES NOT compromise on either the study table or the bed! I am delighted.
Also just to let you know that during my endless searches over the past three years, I have come across Italian/ German compact/modular furniture with similar sounding ideas, BUT none seemed sturdy enough to stand the rigours of a growing family.


Karina de Souza  (April 2016)