…recommending to everyone

I’m delighted with the StudyBed: it makes all the difference to me.  I used to have my computer on a tiny table next to my bed,  and my files under my bed – now they stay on the desk.  Bliss.
Your publicity tends to emphasise the use to young people and its use for a spare room, so I thought I’d mention the other end of the age spectrum:  I’m retired and living with a family member, and being able to convert my room to dual purpose is convenient for my brother’s family as well as for myself.
I should also add that the two men who installed the StudyBed were very quick and efficient.  They explained everything to me, and made sure I could switch easily between bed and desk.
Altogether, it was a very positive experience, I’m recommending StudyBeds to everyone.
Best wishes to you all.

Dorothy Erskine  (April 2016)