…British manufacturing at its best


I just wanted to write and back up how delighted we are.

Mark and Ron even with the first phone call to say when they were arriving were happy and helpful! When they arrived they were so professional and worked very hard and quickly in the cold weather. They explained fully how it would be set up and when encountering a few teething problems with the skirting and our wonky house, they explained fully and have done a superb job. They even asked for the vacuum! Before leaving they thoroughly explained how the system works and made sure I knew what to and asked for me to demo before leaving. I can’t believe what a difference it has made and the mattress is really comfortable. The family will be fighting for it over Christmas!

I can’t thank you enough, Anita for being so helpful on the phone, to the speedy delivery before Christmas! The quality of the product and the most charming men I have met in a long time! British manufacturing at its best with second to none customer service! May it long continue!

Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to all involved!

I’ve already this morning while they were crafting away told a supplier and a client, they are amazed at the website video!

Have a lovely Christmas and great 2018 everyone!

Lisa Farr ( Dec 2017)