…just brilliant


We purchased a Study Bed, which is a great concept. Having looked at the idea for about 6 months, having seen the company at the Ideal Home Show in the Summer and finally buying it before Christmas.

We were in the process of building a home office, but the flexibility that the solution offered was really appealing and so it has proven over the last 6 months since installation.

On a daily basis, I use the room as my office and as the desk is enormous, it holds multiple lamps, my laptop and a network printer and lots of paperwork.

Over the last 6 months, we have had 9 people stay in the room for up to 3 nights. It takes minutes to turn the desk into a bed, so after an unexpected drunken night, it isn’t a hardship to allow a visitor to sleep in a comfortable double bed, without the need to move any of my stuff out the way!

Once we ordered the study bed the professionalism of the people we dealt with was great, from the payment team, delivery organising team and to the two guys doing the install. Just brilliant.

Great product and great people to do business with. Real space saver and makes a flexible working environment that turns into a double bed.


David Gwin  ( July 2017)