…invaluable to us as a family


My 11 year old daughter is so chuffed with her StudyBed that it’s not only transformed her room but she has suddenly become very tidy and keeps on asking for sleepovers to show it off! The idea itself is ingenious and having seen it advertised we were intrigued but sceptical as to whether it would actually do the job and be strong enough to endure Daniella’s teenage years. On viewing we were reassured, not only is the StudyBed sturdily built, with smooth mechanics and aesthetically pleasing but my daughter could easily switch the use from desk to bed without straining or needing adult help. My husband and I think this is an amazing product which has given my daughter what she needs as she starts secondary school. Daniella’s personal space has not been compromised and she can happily enjoy her room whether for study or fun with friends. Additionally the vast desk space, the ability to have notice boards and organisation charts in front of you as you work, all designed so there is no need to tidy away homework or projects at bed time is invaluable to us as a family as we dash about our daily activities. Once more each and every member of staff we have been in contact with at StudyBed, whether in the show room, back office or upon installation have been very helpful, friendly and eager to please. I believe this is a product that sells itself on viewing, if you are intrigued, like we were, it is definitely worth a look!”

Karen MacKinnon  (May 2015)