“My nomination for Best British Company 2015!



All their products are superb (in my case, a single study bed, top box and under desk cabinet). Expensive at first glance but absolutely top quality and excellent value for money when you receive it. The installers are excellent too, they take a real pride in their work and are great ambassadors for the company.

What sets this company apart from any other I’ve encountered is the level of customer care and after sales support. Here are three examples:

I was worried that my computer screen might be too big for the desk as it was right on the limits stated.  Having discussed this face-to-face with staff exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show, they were able to alter my order slightly to ensure a perfect fit.  Amazing! A few months later, we moved house and I decided to take the study bed apart myself and re-assemble it in our new home.  Again the company could not have been more supportive.  Finally, I contrived to lose a small silver trunnion in the re-assembly process. Not absolutely mission critical but highly annoying nonetheless.  One phone call to Study Bed and the trunnion appeared in the post the next day.

One VERY happy customer!

Steve Martin  (Nov 2015)