..completely in love

Apologies for not writing sooner to say thank you, completely in love with the studybed, my son has already made good use of the desk and his room seems a lot tidier not having to see a messy bed all the time.

Your driver/installer gave exceptional service and as we couldn’t find parking and in fear of a ticket I stayed and watched the van while he carried everything up 60 stairs and built the studybed; he was cheery and well mannered, he is a credit to the company, moreso as he was on his own with lots of stairs and quite a few trips with the heavy components he didn’t moan once, but the opposite and did not at any stage make me feel bad for not being able to help.

We will benefit as a family with this in place as it allows my son to have a working environment without compromising my space in our small flat.

Once again thank you to everyone involved with the exceptional service provided both on and off site,


Linda Phillips ( Aug 2016)