Rachel Harding

I tried to avoid buying a StudyBed for about two
years as I thought it was too extravagant. I bought different combinations of
desks and fold-out beds, but the desk was never quite right and the bed was
always really uncomfortable. It also made the spare room look messy with the
fold-out bed in the corner. Then, one day, I decided to go for it.

I’ve had the small double StudyBed for about two months and it has transformed
our third bedroom into a professional-looking office. I work from home and my
husband teaches music in the room, so it has improved our workspace no end. The
desk is a great size and perfect for my day-to-day work.  Then, when we
have guests, it becomes a really comfortable bed. I’ve got the memory foam
mattress, which is actually more comfortable than the mattress on my bed.

We always vacate our bedroom when parents come to stay. It used to make us
pretty miserable staying on some uncomfortable bed and having to put everything
away every night, but now – within seconds – the bed is down and we’re sleeping
like babies on our StudyBed.

I know it’s expensive, but it really is money well spent. It makes my house
feel like a four bedroom house because of the versatility of our third bedroom.
And I can even have a sneaky nap when I’m supposed to be working! I think I’ve
got my money’s worth already!

Rachel (April 2013)