Solid and well made
Can I just comment on the two chaps that came to install the bed.
First, I would like to say how pleased we are with the Universal Study Bed, it is a very good quality product, solid, well made and of course, very well fitted by your 2 fitters.
They were both very polite, spoke about Covid precautions and took their shoes off to come into the house.  They explained exactly what they were going to do and once the Study Bed was assembled after a few hours, they showed us exactly how to use it; which incidentally, is very easy to use and explained the guarantee.  There was no mess left either, which is always a good thing.
To sum up, the fitters were very good and professional and i can’t praise them enough.  Thank you for a great product and great service,
Kind Regards
Philip & Cheryl  ( March 2021)