Wall Desk Bed



We are very proud to have developed this beautifully elegant and incredibly versatile compact Wall Desk Bed

It takes a 4ft 6 by 6ft 3 standard Double mattress and includes two very useful bookshelves, and of course.. a Desk

The unit has integrated electrics and a space to mount a monitor if required, and leave all connecting cables in place, making hooking up of a laptop, very quick and easy. The desk pulls down in seconds by releasing 2 latches, and likewise can be closed up and secured in seconds. This of course, would entail removing items from the desk first, but actually it IS possible to leave anything under about 5cm deep, still on the desk if need be ( including laptop, papers etc.)

£1695  (inc VAT)

Delivery and Assembly anywhere in England and Wales, £192

5 year Guarantee

They do not include a mattress, but generally speaking an existing mattress could be swapped over, although we do stock a range of mattresses that we can supply, starting at £216

The standard finish is Light Oak but you can also have them painted in any colour. White is an extra 10% or any other colour of your choice for an additional 20%

You can have a choice of pull-down handles which will be fitted at the optimum height for you

External dimensions in closed mode are 220cm High x 153cm Wide x 50cm Deep. In bed mode, they project 2 metres from the wall and are 140cm wide

They can be viewed in our showroom in Station Yard Thame OX9 3UH, along with the full range of StudyBed models and our standard Wall bed, without the desk option

Please call 01844 214484 or email sales@studybed.co.uk for more info