A Space to Work, Rest & Play

With approaching a third of the UK’s workforce now working from home, the challenges that accompany this shift have not just been limited to technological solutions. A key area has simply been finding suitable space in which to work both comfortably and professionally.

The kitchen table or living room sofa are not long-term solutions, so what other options are available?

The Working from Home movement has created an enormous upsurge in the demand for ‘Garden Rooms’ which not only provide dedicated space to work, are an easy ‘commute’ from home but can enhance the value of your property as well.

StudyBeds have for long been the ultimate product for creating extra space, and their application in a Garden Room providing an enormous workspace, storage, as well as a very comfortable bed, all in a compact footprint is a marriage made in heaven

We are therefore delighted to announce that the StudyBed Company have partnered up with Malvern Garden Buildings who supply a fabulous collection of luxury outdoor buildings, including summerhouses, garden offices and cabins across the UK. Our StudyBeds provide their clients with a beautifully designed space-saving solution that allows them to work effectively and take a little nap too if required

Malvern Garden Buildings have display centres all over the UK and you can currently see this synergistic combination at their branch in Tingewick, near Buckingham, with many more to follow

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