Testimonials: January 2009

  • Hi Ben

    The StudyBed is great, Sally is thrilled with it, and a bit reluctant to leave to go on holiday! We will take a couple of photos on our return, we have some before shots which we can send as well to show the transformation!I’d just like to say how courteous and efficient the guys were, we were very impressed. Also, we have already been asked for your website from friends.

    Andrea (Wirral)

  • Dear Ben,

    You recently installed a Majestic Studybed at my home. After using it for both its purposes I have nothing but praise for the unit.Arranging for the purchase and installation of the studybed was simplicity itself.

    The team who installed the unit were both efficient and pleasant.

    I will definitely be recommending the Studybed and your services to my friends and family.

    Very many thanks,
    Allan (Romford)

  • Ben,

    I’ve been meaning to write and tell you that we’re very happy with the bed and top box. My son Andi is very pleased with it, though he doesn’t like to admit it!

    Thanks Diane (Flitwick, Beds)

  • Dear Ben

    This thank you letter is well over-due, as we have had our Study Bed for 6 months now, so it’s been well tried and tested!

    My son, Will, aged 11, has the smallest bedroom in the world and I thought the only option was his high sleeper with a cramped desk underneath. I’m so glad to have been off sick and watching ’60 Minute Makeover’ that morning back in March. When I saw the Study Bed I went straight to your website, measured up, contacted you and placed the order.

    After a quick lick of paint the bedroom was ready. The two installers were quick and efficient, even though they were working in the smallest room they’d ever installed in. They even repositioned the wardrobe to complete the room.

    Will was over the moon with his new bed and had such fun arranging all his ‘stuff’ in the top box and shelves. It has changed his life! He now can’t wait to go to bed, as he doesn’t have to climb a wooden ladder any more. Arguments getting him to do his homework are a thing of the past, as his desk has acres of space for laptop and books etc. When he brings friends home, his Study Bed is the first thing he shows them. It’s changed my life too, as I no longer have to go mountaineering to change his bedding!!

    I can honestly recommend your Company and this product. The Study Bed is such a sturdy, practical and innovative item of furniture. Even after 6 months the wood fills the room with a gorgeous aroma.

    We love it so much I am ordering another one for my other son, Tom!

    Yours sincerely (Rachel, Taunton)