Testimonials: June 2021

  • I love my new Studybed…
    in fact here I am at 21.45 still at my computer… just love it.
    My whole computer system is now out of my bedroom and into my spare room. The printer is finally out of the lounge and has been reunited with the rest of the set up.
    All my files are in the top box and the bed is made already for my first visitor next week!
    The two guys who came to set it all up were very courteous and polite.
    Diana Coleman  Pinner  (June 2021)
  • a large working space


     I love the study bed, it’s so nice to have such a large working space as well as be able to have my dining table back for it’s intended purpose!

    R. Middleton Loughborough ( June 2021)

  • best buy.. 

    I am so pleased that my son, Tom, bought one of your studybeds as the one I have has been very popular with some of my teenage granddaughters and has been used for years.  It was one of my best buys.


    Natalie Donaldson ( May 2021)

  • ..slept like a log


    Dear Anita,
    As promised I am sending you a few photos of my studybed and how it fits into my small box room with loads of space left .One sleep over with my granddaughter ( she could not get into bed early enough) She stated in the morning she had slept like a log

    Suzanne Chandler  ( May 2019)

  • I  am so delighted with my study bed, it has literally changed my life.  All of my friends want one, even if they have no need for it!!!


    Alex Wedlock    Truro ( May 2021)


    Really pleased with the Studybed. Steve and Ian were pleasant and efficient.   
    Eileen Measey   Portsmouth ( May 2021)