Testimonials: September 2020

  • ..another please


    I purchased a study bed back in 2015 from you! It has served me well and I would like to buy a second one


    Louisa  ( Sep 2020)

  • ..absolutely delighted


    Since having our Study Bed delivered and installed last November, we have been absolutely delighted with it – it makes a great desk for me to work at – especially during lockdown when I have had both my personal and work computers set up with no problems – it’s just a shame that we’ve been denied the opportunity for guests to use the bed, although those who stayed over Christmas loved it!

    My wife loves it so much that we will probably be placing another order to use in what will be her office, allowing us to maintain space for guests, once we are allowed them of course!   I will follow up with that once we know what our lead time for moving is!

    Colin Isaacs (Sept 2020)