Testimonials: February 2009

  • Dear Ben,

    I just want to say how much I enjoy my new StudyBed which was delivered and fitted on 20th November.
    It has completely changed my room which I can now walk around in. For a small room like mine, this product was a good investment.
    The StudyBed is a great product and very nice to look at. I now have a comfortable bed and the best computer desk I have ever had plus lots more room.
    Ben I can’t thank you enough for a great product it’s a great piece of furniture that deserves an award.
    Please also thank the 2 guys that fitted my bed they were polite and friendly and worked very hard and left no mess.
    I will certainly recommend your products to anyone who is looking for a space saving solution for a small room.

    Yours Sincerely
    Gary, Stroud

  • Dear Ben,

    We just wanted to say how delighted we are with the study bed that was delivered and fitted last Thursday. Chris and Ron worked very hard, leaving no mess or rubbish to clear away after them.

    My son´s room is now an efficient space for him to rest, sleep and study for his A Levels. He is very happy with his small room now. It does exactly what he needs at this stage.

    We have recommended your product to anyone who will listen and have invited friends who have expressed an interest in buying one.

    Thank you, Sincerely
    Wally Gomes, Devon

  • Hello Ben,

    Just to say that I am very pleased with the study bed, also with James and Chris who were more then helpful and carried out their work in a polite and professional manner. Please thank them again for me.

    Last of all I am now convinced that your studybed is by far the best on the market, its construction and design is both lovely to look at and solidly built, it is infact the best piece of furniture I own. I shall be polishing it every day.

    Its been a pleasure to do business with you, and thank you once again for all your help.

    Charles Sinclair. Folkestone
    A Very happy customer

  • Dear Ben

    It´s nearly 6 weeks since my son has had his studybed, and I am so happy with my investment. I have lived at my address for nearly 10 years now and I have wasted so much time and money on 6 different beds for his room, ranging from a high rise bed, to a specially built bed on the wall, to a sofa bed etc, none of which worked in the space- in fact I think it may be the smallest room in the whole of North London, measuring 10ft long and 6ft wide. “Ben, where have you been for the last 10 years – why didn’t I know about you, I could of saved myself a heck of a lot of money”.

    The only disadvantage is now, I hardly see my son, as he is forever in his room, but I can see that he is proud of it has everyone that comes round he takes them in his room first and gives them a demonstration – I think this has been the highlight of his summer holiday, because we were meant to go on holiday but, we used the money for the study bed instead and it was worth every penny. He now has a very comfortable room, and he loves having his friends over now.

    Thanks once again for an absolutely fabulous innovative product.

    Kind Regards
    Lydia (Kadeems Mum)

    My son would like to tell you more,

    As you know my name is Kadeem, and I am 13 years of age. Since I have got my studybed my room feels a lot more spacious and I love the idea of not taking anything from the desk before converting into bed mode. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the top boxes storage space – I didn’t realise that it was so big! I’m able to put all of my trinkets/books in the two cupboards and display various things on the shelves in between. Thank you so much Ben, it is a brilliant design and my mum has been recommending you to almost all family and friends that come over, so don’t be surprised if you have a lot more orders coming in! With all due respect to mum, She can talk for England! Especially if she is passionate about something, and trust me, the studybed is top on the list! 😉

    Kind Regards

  • The StudyBed has been incredibly comfortable, so much so that I have been in no rush to switch back to my own room, following the departure of my guests. I want to thank you and your team for doing what it took to get the bed here in time for my guest visit.

    At one point once my guests tried the bed, it was a fight for who was going to have it. The transition between desk and bed is a breeze. I think its almost sinful to use it just as a desk when there is a terrific sleep just a few movements below.

    I am absolutely delighted with the bed and have been highly recommending it whenever I get the chance.

    Again, thank you … and I’m so glad I came to the Ideal Home Show.

    R P Watson

  • This is just to say a very big thank you for my study bed and for the incredible service. Everyone involved went the extra mile; the fitters were outstanding. I was not the easiest of customers and yet I was always treated politely and patiently.

    When I first saw the study bed I loved it and knew that it would solve many problems but it has surpassed all my expectations.

    The quality and design are superb; my spacious and attractive (previously minute and boring) study is now also a comfortable guest room – and a showroom; every guest is surprised and impressed.

    Thank you so much Ben and All,
    H. V. (Ipswich)

  • Hi Ben,

    typing this from the StudyBed; very very satisfied with result. The guys yesterday were great and did a really good job, Glad we spotted you at the Ideal Home exhibition! Many thanks and good luck with the business; you have an excellent product, I’ll spread the news!

    A very happy customer,
    P.Boynton (Brockenhurst)

  • Hello Ben,
    I am thrilled with the bed and just wanted to thank you – sorry it took so long. I have attached a couple of photos as suggested by your great fitters – please send them my thanks

    Debbie Olthof (Ham)

  • Hi Ben,

    Just felt I had to write to you and tell you what a fantastic product you have. Ingenious and I am definitely looking at trying to find a way of incorporating at least one in my house. Brilliant. Haven’t stopped talking about it since I saw it at Ideal Home Show

    J. Carroll

  • Hi Ben,
    Just dropping you a line to say how delighted we are with the studybed – it is perfect. Thank you for all your help. The mattress is also superb.
    Best wishes,
    S. Power (Ripley)