Testimonials: January 2013

  • I am so pleased with the StudyBed it looks so good and  I have all
    my things sorted and in the cupboards etc. The chap that did it (Steve I think)
    was excellent especially doing it on his own as the other chap was sick;
    its fab will recommend it to anyone.  Thanks for all the help
    everyone gave to us.

    Pauline Flett ( Jan 2013)

  • Just to say that the
    wardrobe arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly into the room.  As before
    the team were extremely efficient, friendly and helpful.  This
    has been the all round best experience and service we have had from any company.

    James Griffiths (Jan 2013)

  • I am absolutely delighted with my StudyBed, it is even so much better in the ‘flesh’.

    I must also thank you for all your help and the two members of staff that delivered and constructed it, they were so helpful and polite, in fact ‘real gentlemen’.

    I will certainly recommend your beds and service on every possible occasion.

    With best regards &
    many thanks to you all.

    M de vere Hunt
    (Jan 2013)

  • Dear Charlotte

    As you probably know your guys have carried out the install, Kevin and Jason were brilliant, very friendly and helpful. The unit looks great and of course works perfectly it’s so easy to operate !!!

    I hadn’t told my wife (or daughter) it would be coming early so it was a nice surprise. It’s for my daughters art studio, she likes to work late and so it will provide an
    occasional overnight facility for her.

    Thanks for pulling out all the stops and making a quick delivery.

    Ray Williams (Jan 2013)

  • It is such a pleasure to
    go into the smallest bedroom now and have so much more space to move around in
    it.  Everyone who has seen the StudyBed is impressed, but especially by
    the very big desk and the cunning way it stays flat.

    I can’t speak too highly of
    the young men who delivered the bed together.  They were so helpful
    regarding the furniture left in the room, they didn’t mark the narrow staircase
    when they carried the StudyBed up to the bedroom.  They were charming and
    left the room just as I had hoped it would be.


    Judith Rue (Jan 2013)

  • I just wanted to thank you all for a great StudyBed and great
    service! We’ve had the StudyBed for a month now and it’s gone through the
    crucial test of having my parents sleep on it over Christmas. They loved it and
    found it so comfortable they overslept past their usual getting up time by an
    hour and a half! Now that we’re all back to work, it’s in use for work purposes
    and is spot on.

    We bought the StudyBed having only seen it online and I can
    honestly say that your website truly reflects the product and service.

    Many thanks again

    Helen (Jan 13)

  • We bought a Study Bed after seeing it at the Ideal Home
    Exhibition and loved the whole concept of turning a small room into a multi
    functional room. They are not gimmicky pieces of furniture though…they are
    attractive, very functional and extremely sturdy. We liked it so much we bought
    another one for my 14 year old sons room and he loves it! The studybed company
    truly know the meaning of good customer service too! They are efficient,
    friendly and bend over backwards to do everything to make the delivery and
    fitting easy. Not sure if we will need a third one but I wouldn’t hesitate to
    recommend  the product and the service to anyone!  Thank you to Charlotte
    and the whole team!

    Diane (Jan 2013)

  • Dear Ben and the Studybed Team,

    From the outset, we have
    been delighted with our Studybed and matching wardrobes/under-desk

    In desk mode, it is by
    far the best desk we have ever had – you can comfortably have two people
    working at it simultaneously or one very very spread out.  Even without
    the bed facility, that in itself is a strong plus.  The cable holes work
    well and the whole effect is perfectly streamlined.

    In bed mode it is an
    excellent spare bed – and we’ve used it ourselves on a long term basis while
    our bedroom was being replastered recently.  It feels very secure and
    comfortable and is SO easy to convert.  Our son loves to demonstrate
    the ‘magic bed’ to visitors.

    The wardrobes are
    fabulous – I particularly like the way that the shelves are reversible so that
    you can get cables down the back without having to carve special holes for
    them.  We have all our printer and computer peripherals in the wardrobe,
    further enhancing the streamlined effect of the desk and being able to cable
    through the hole in the back has been excellent.  It is wonderful to have
    so much storage, so well designed and so elegant.

    We very much appreciated
    the care that your team took – at the point of ordering, in fine-tuning the
    design, and in fitting – to ensure that we had a product that worked perfectly
    in the available space.  Their attention to detail, tidiness and
    thoughtfulness were of the highest order.

    We will definitely be
    back to buy another Studybed if and when our son ever shows signs of doing
    homework without constant supervision and nagging!

    Thank you all very much
    indeed, and happy new year.

    Clare (Jan 2013)